is it still raining everywhere you are?

she hated plain bean burritos and orange tic tacs.
and no one ever understood why.

she feared bathtubs.
and all they did was wonder.

she told funny anecdotes carefully selected out from horrid tales.
and they marveled.

she lost it every time called her sweetie.
and onlookers thought her irrational.

she couldn’t move her forehead or see color from one eye.
and they stared.

she told them why.
and they stopped.

she told her story without feeling.
and they called her a success.

she cried when she felt anything.
and she was pitied.

she was witty.
and they laughed.

she put up a good front.
and it was forgotten.

she never could decide if she liked it this way or not.
and she only became more reserved.


~ by Mary Christa on June 29, 2009.

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