…out of death comes bacon.

no, really, it does.

as does absolutely no sleep, five trips to party city and fifteen trips to walmart in a week (not to mention seven trips to party city), pig, bunny, and kid wrangling and a whole lot of other adventures. adventures such as buying a sickening amount of pink party decorations, a pinata body double, and duncan hines white icing and calling paste.

and believe it or not, it’s not the lack of sleep that drove me to buy $204.89 worth of seeming insanity. no, actually i worked on the set of of the pilot of a new independent sitcom entitled “next song of our new album” written by and starring my friend canedy knowles and her friend kimmy gatewood.

oh, and i forgot the eleven store search for a cookie jar with a face. just so we could smash it and tape it back together, no less. i ended up with a monkey named mr. bo-bo.

i wish i could tell you what my official title was for production, but i honestly don’t know. i was originally called a production assistant, but then moved to the role of assistant director #2 all before production began. after the first meeting i was moved to the role of brenda’s (wardrobe) assistant, but i never got close to doing anything with anyone’s clothes (unless you count the day they decided they liked my shirt so much that it was going to be kimmy’s shirt through half the show). i think i might have been the art director, but i have a feeling i was actually the assistant art director even though i didn’t report to anyone in particular and i was at all the department head meetings. yeah. so that’s my title, in short.

during production i was called many things including “amazing,” “awesome,” and “a miracle worker”. i was quite proud of myself, if i do say so. i managed to acquire everything that was asked of me in a matter of hours, including a live bunny. baby the bunny, although rather demanding in and of herself, turned out to be one of the the least time consuming missions i had to accomplish. the cookie jar was actually the hardest thing to find (they wanted a cow originally), with the two large rhinestone “D” pendants following behind at six stores.

we even made the news a couple times: spot #1 and spot #2

i must say, i am most proud of my my seamless transformation of a pinata from a backyardigans (i don’t know what that is either, that’s what the tag on it told me it was) into a pig much like the piggly-wiggly pig.

“next song of our new album” follows the adventures of the kooter cousins (yes.), an aspiring country music duo trying to get out of soddy daisy to follow in the steps of their beloved dolly parton. each episode chronicles the events that led to the next song on their new album, and culminates with a music video of the song at the end. the pilot episode features the accidental electrocution of the town’s lassie-like pig, bessie, with a microphone cable. these events surrounding her death inspire the song “out of death comes bacon”.

i couldn’t possibly have made any of this up. it’s too funny.


~ by Mary Christa on May 15, 2008.

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