….you were not the same after that.

My severe lack of sleep this week coupled with sudden exhausted insomnia has spurred me on to both sign up and write for the first time in a long time.  Good luck, world, I wish you the best under such harsh circumstances.

Now, on to a few bookkeeping items.

As some astute readers may question my posting titles to be a bit odd, please do not think that I am at all clever.  I use song lyric phrases generally, and occasionally a line from a poem or a Gilmore Girls episode title.  Nothing original unless otherwise noted.


Often, I am most inspired to write when depressed, frustrated, or experiencing other negative feelings.  Although this has been suggested in the past in reference to my MySpace writings, I am not overtly depressed or suicidal, I promise.


That’s all for now, a real entry shall appear soon, no worries, mate.


~ by Mary Christa on May 13, 2008.

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